It’s great coming to the services each week, but just imagine what it’s like to give your time and talent by serving at CRCC! Our Care teams and care team members are the heart of our church, and there are continuous opportunities in many areas for willing hearts and hands to get involved in serving at CRCC.

If you are interested in serving at CRCC, please pick up a Volunteer Service Application at the Welcome Center located in the Sanctuary lobby or download one HERE.

Care Team Directory

Administrative Volunteers

Are you available during the day? At Christ the Rock Church, we have a group called the Administrative Team that assists our office with a variety of tasks like organizing and preparing materials for services and special events. Our most common days of need are Thursday and Friday.

Cafe Service Team

The Cafe Service Team serves to enhance the CRCC experience by providing our guests with coffee, tea drinks, and pastries before, during, and after all services.  Cafe roles include preparing and service the coffee and tea drinks.


The smiling members of this group often give visitors the impression of our church family by greeting congregants and 1st time guest with a welcoming smile and a handshake.

First Impressions Team (FIT)

The First Impression Team (FIT) exists to provide an environment of excellence in the house of God.  We like to add that special touch to make each of God’s guests feel welcomed into a clean, pleasant environment.

Kidz on the Rock (KOR)

Our mission for children from birth through 5th grade is to direct their hearts toward God. Listed below are the various teams within KOR along with a brief description of what they do and how often they serve. More information is available from a KOR staff member or a KOR leader.

Various Kidz on the Rock Teams:

Registration Team

Able to make new people feel at ease, this team greets and registers all guests to KOR as well as regular attendees who are unable to register in the classroom. Frequency: Usually serves 1 or 2 services a month.

KOR Youth Assistant

We welcome youths 7th-12th grade who love working with younger ones. They assist in the classrooms wherever needed. Frequency: Usually serves one service a month.

Master Teachers / Power Teams

Are able to present the lesson to a large group of children. They communicate biblical truths in a simple, easy to understand format. Frequency: Usually serves one weekend a month.

Adult Assistant

Adult assistants (18+ years old) enjoy doing things to help others. They aid in practical ways so that the ministry to children may be more effective. Frequency: Usually serves two or three services a month.

Kid Coach

Facilitate the small group aspect of KOR. They connect with the children on a one-to-one level. Frequency: Usually serves one service per week.

Class Coach

People willing to take the initiative in leading the classroom environment for one specific service time. They connect all the activities, lessons, and small group time together. Frequency: Usually serves one service per week.

Department Coach / Team Leader

These leaders help realize the vision of KOR through prayer, goal setting, and team building. Frequency: They serves each week.

Teams Behind The Scenes

Take action people who serve behind the scenes to ensure that others are well equipped with curriculum and activities. Frequency: They serves as needed.

Craft Team

Creative people who prepare the curriculum crafts, games or activities that will be used during the small group time to reinforce learning. Frequency: They serves once a month.

Room Set-Up Teams

Awesome people who help prepare the rooms by organizing room supplies, cleaning toys, doing laundry for the Nursery and Toddlers and stocking the cabinets with snacks and supplies. They serve during weekly office hours. Frequency: They serve twice a month.

Media Ministry

This team duplicates the recording of each service providing congregants with an immediate opportunity to purchase the recording. They also prepare CD series and assist in selling merchandise at the Media Center. Frequency: They serve twice a month.


This Missions Care Team (MCT) welcomes all congregants whose passion is to fulfill the Great Commission and follow Jesus’ command to go into all the nations {Matthew 28:19-21 and Acts 1:8}. MCT provides opportunities to share God’s love with people locally, nationally, and internationally.  The Missions Team supports the Mission events at CRCC and partners with selected ministries to transform our community for Christ.


The MultiMedia Team provides excellence in sound quality, overhead projection of computer-controlled announcements, music lyrics, and selected text during the message; also operate the camera equipment to facilitate video projection of the service. Frequency: They serve twice a month.


Small group teachers who are passionate about mentoring and raising up the next generation of Christians.  These disciples are a vital part in the success of this ministry. Frequency: They serve four times a month per semester .

Spanish Translation

This team caters to the needs of our Hispanic community by translating the weekly sermon notes into Spanish and providing live real time translation. Frequency: They serve twice a month.

Parking & Transportation

The Parking Team serves to welcome, safely guide and introduce the CRCC experience for service attendees.  Roles include parking lot entrance greeter, cross walk guide and parking lot guide.  The Parking Team also supports special events hosted by the church throughout the year.. Frequency: They serve twice a month.


The Usher Team serves to maximize the “in-church” experience and safety of attendees.  Roles include greeting, seating, maintaining order, assisting with water baptisms, offering, and serving communion. Frequency: They serve at twice a month.

Worship Team

The Worship Team here at CRCC is made up of our choir as unto the Lord. These dedicated musicians and singers lead the congregation in worship on a weekly basis.  Auditions are held at various times throughout the year. If you are interested in auditioning for the team, fill out an audition request form, available at the Welcome Center, or call the church office for more information.