Children have always played an important role in the plan of God.   They also play an important role in the plan of CRCC.  We want children to know God through His Word, connect with Him in a personal way and love Him early and a lot!

Infant Ministry – This ministry is the beginning of leading a child to Jesus.
We teach them about Jesus through words, prayers, and songs.  Each child is prayed for every time he or she is in the Nursery.  The Nursery is a place of loving kindness and soul nurturing.

Toddler and Preschool Ministry Little by little and step by step, we build a foundation of understanding for young children, helping them to catch a glimpse of the greatness of God.  We present truths about God in very simple words, through Bible stories and prayer.  Children also have an opportunity to participate in singing songs of praise to God.

Younger Elementary Ministry – Right thinking about God is important in living a life of faith, so these lessons are designed to present the material, including Bible stories, in a way that displays the greatness and worth of God.   On the weekends the children are part of a large group gathering for worship and teaching along with a more personal, small group time with adult leaders.

Older Elementary Ministry – We want the children’s faith to grow through studying and learning of the greatness of God as well as understand their need of salvation.  At this level, Biblical truth is taught more in depth.  The children often engage in discussions and personal application of the truths taught.  Children also have an opportunity to participate in worship time.