Pastoral Care is provided by the pastors of CRCC. It includes hospital visitations, biblical guidance, performing weddings, funerals, and benevolence.

Hospital Visitation:

If you or a family member are hospitalized for any reason please notify us so that we can have a pastor visit and pray with you and your family.  Also, if you are having an outpatient procedure, please let us know so that we can meet with you before the procedure to pray and to see if we can provide further assistance.

Biblical Guidance:

Our pastoral staff offers FREE Biblical guidance to all congregants and their immediate family members. The first step in our process is to stop by our office and fill out a detailed Biblical Guidance form explaining your circumstances. Next, our ministry assistant will contact you with additional questions or schedule an appointment with a pastor. We generally sit with individuals or families for three one-hour sessions. During that process or upon completion of the three sessions we will collectively determine if you would like to continue more specific guidance with a licensed Christian counselor. If so, we will refer you to those with whom we are in ministry partnership.


If you would like to be married at CRCC and/or by one of our pastors your first step is to pick up a wedding application from the Welcome Center located in the church lobby, fill it out entirely and return it to our ministry assistant in the church office. After reviewing your application you will either receive a phone call from a pastor for additional information or a call from our ministry assistant scheduling you and your fiancé’ for our seven-week Pre-Marital class. Our Pre-Marital class is mandatory and participants are only allowed one absence during the class. Classes are held in the Multi-purpose room inside the church lobby during the 6:00pm Saturday service. Please check with the Welcome Center or call the church office for the next available class dates.


Our pastoral staff provides funeral or memorial services for our congregants and their immediate family. In the event that you need our services, please contact us and we will assist you in the planning as well as help you through the grieving process.


Our benevolence ministry exists to provide support and assistance to congregants in need. If you are a single mom, a widow or a family in need, please contact our office and we will walk you through our process to determine your needs and assist you in the areas that we are able. This ministry is for our congregants only.

If you have any questions or would like more information on Pastoral Care, please fill out the ‘Contact Pastoral Care’ form.